Sunday Funday and Casual Feels


Since its Sunday I thought I would post one of my favorite lay around, don’t feel like getting dressed, need to make a coffee run comfy/casual sunday looks. For years now I have lounged and slept in J.Crew flannel pajama bottoms. They are my absolute favorite, must have item and I always make sure, to purchase a pair every year during the holiday season. I also love a good sweat shirt or hoodie, and my gray American Apparel hoodie continues to be a staple piece in my wardrobe. And who doesn’t love a fitted baseball cap to add to a lazy sunday look?…. (I know I do!). I bet your thinking…”Why the banner”?…I have become obsessed with banners over the past year or so, and have them placed around my apartment, and at work, They definitely add character and can be festive without doing to much. So will see them in many of my daily posts. Heres to hoping you have a FAN-FABULOUS 😉 Sunday, lounging in your best comfy/casual look.

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