Denim To The Rescue


Its officially Wednesday, and I am happy to say that I have just about made it through yet another busy work week. Sometimes with everything going on with work, errands to run, and other engagements, it can be hard to think about making sure your on point with your wardrobe for the day. But I am a firm believer in having what I call a “911 fashion survival kit”. A Mans fashion survival kit is a go to outfit that you can throw on without having to think twice about it, accessorize it a little and BAM! your on your way. For me A denim/chambray shirt is MY go to. On days when I am running late to the office or just can’t seem to get into the groove (which it seems this week is more frequent). I throw on a chambray shirt and black denim, add a cardigan or blazer, and some accessories and go about my day. What I especially love about a denim shirt, is how good it looks on everyone, you can easily dress it up with a tie if needing to be more formal, and its comfortable. I am a creature of habit, and my style is no different. I believe when you find something that fits your body perfectly or that one shirt that you have that goes with everything, it becomes a staple piece within your wardrobe, and should be rotated with other wardrobe pieces more frequently.I probably have more denim shirts in my closet, than any other shirt I own. They are all in different shades and washes of denim , with different patterns from stripes to polka dots…I love them all.! So my advice to the average male who may not be into fashion, but still wants to dress the part…When you find something that works stick to it, buy it in other colors and patterns, and make it a staple piece in your wardrobe…you won’t regret it! 😉

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