Zack Carr


I love a good coffee table read. I have many around my place..obviously from my coffee table to my desk and book shelf. Every book is about something or someone I like or admire. The above picture is from one of many pictures in this amazing read about creative director Zack Carr. Zack who was the creative director of Calvin  Klein for three decades. Helped to elevate the house to great heights in the fashion industry. He did this until his death from cancer in 2000. I stumbled upon this amazing book while grocery shopping at Marc’s Market sometime last year. It was all of 99 cents LOL …I know! I’m sure its original retail would be for much more. As I looked through it before buying, because I hadn’t heard of Mr. Carr, out of all the fashion muses I had encountered or were intrigued by. I was taken back by all the images, like the picture above taken in Santorini Greece in the early 1980s, of Zack dancing with super model Iman, who happened to be a dear friend. The whole book is truly beautiful, it was written by his brother George Carr and designer Sam Shahid. Inside is a collection of Carr’s photographs, sketches, and selected personal writings. Carr helped to make American style “The Look”, and lifestyle a phenomenon. Which is why flipping through this book, was so exciting. Just to get a gaze into such a time, an era, a classic piece of history was intriguing.

Zack was born in Houston and raised in Kerrville, Texas. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree, from the University of Texas, Austin. He than attended Parsons School of design in New York. His career started at B. Altman & Co, and for designer Donald Brooks before joining Calvin Klein in the early 1970s. In 1984 he left Calvin Klein to start his own company…Zack Carr collection, and returned in 1988. He worked until he was diagnosed with POEMS syndrome, a rare paralyzing blood cancer in 1997. During his illness he continued to do what he loved…create, and eventually retaught himself to draw. He had many sketchbooks and in them, he would paste cut outs of his sketches, his “dolls” as he called them, beside his inspirations. Included in this book are images directly from his sketchbooks and quotes by him that let you in to his life personally, and sometimes the doubt and insecurity loneliness can bring. Which is a feeling you can sense in many of the quotes that are included in the book. Like the one below:

“I am going to love to find the truth day by day one step at a time. I am going to have to work on my depression and my truth. I am depressed and afraid about each aspect but I’ve decided to accept my deepest loneliness.”

He was definitely inspiring, creative, artistic, and poetic. I will cherish this amazing piece of history, for many years to come. And this is why I love fashion, and creating. Its more than just “Fashion.” Especially if your anything like me….I live, breath, eat and sleep FASHION! It has given me a sense of purpose, through being true to myself, and being a voice for those who haven’t yet found theirs. I encourage all of you to do the same…find your passion and live it! 😉



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