Early Morning Tea & Cole Haan


Happy Saturday friends! I hope this post finds you awake and refreshed to enjoy yet another fun filled weekend. Typically on saturdays I like to start my morning at the gym with a workout. It tends to relieve much stress from the week, and gives me energy to get my list of errands and tasks done before the new week begins. Besides fashion I am also into home living and decor. I am sucker for a comfy throw to keep me warm in the winter months and throughout the year, when relaxing at home. I absolutely love wall art and have framed pictures all over my place. Looking at a bare wall for me is like watching paint dry..its slow and painful LOL!

I believe that your home just like your wardrobe makes you who you are, and just like a blank canvas you can draw on it and make it your own. This specific picture I took above, is from my desk. It is the place where I go to, to create, write my deepest thoughts, and  sometimes even gaze out the window to reflect. It also has many trinkets and decor on it as you can see as well. Things that I hold dear and have meaning. I absolutely love designer eye wear, and one of my favorite pairs are my Cole Haan shades. These were a gift given to me years ago by very close friends of mine, and continue to be a classic accessory in my collection. Ive always loved Cole Haan and their classic styles for men. I believe when buying luxury goods, quality is most important and longevity. All of my high end pieces are classic styles that continue to help me build lasting memories with those I hold dear. After all isn’t that what fashion and luxury is about…a piece of history that is present, but can also reflect a time or era from the past? 😉



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