Classic & Neutral


Well its that time again another manic monday. A day most of us dread weekly, after a long relaxing and eventful weekend. You may be feeling tired, but nothing beats low energy like stepping into something classic, and comfortable to start the week. Like most things I believe fashion isn’t about the price or where you get it, but how you piece it together. I can’t tell you how many times I see a whole designer look that looks absolutely hideous and just thrown together. Just because the label is expensive does not make it fashion! As you may or may not know I love black denim and you will pretty much always find me wearing a pair. They have become another staple piece of classic attire I wear frequently. The above pair is from H&M, …which side note I LOVE their pants everything from denim to trousers in Navy. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pair of designer denim that fit me as good as these. The funny thing is, their affordable at 30 bucks a pop and will last. Because its winter you will most likely find me in a warm flannel like the above Gray flannel from GAP. Because my style is more classic than trendy I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors…like your Black, Gray, and Navy, and will always (when necessary) add some color. The color for this specific look is the green Forever 21 clutch I added for a fun accessory.

Yes I know your thinking…a clutch..for a man? Yes ..I think any fashion forward male that is  comfortable in his skin can pull off a clutch or cross body bag, and OWN IT. I hate people that dress to fit in, I dress to do and BE ME! I think a clutch is a nice addition for any look, and can be used for things like carrying an iPad or a few accessories that won’t fit into your pocket. Or if your anything like me I hate carrying a wallet in my back pocket, and prefer something stylish to keep my belongings in when stepping out. I for years have been mixing and matching male and female accessories, its fun and oddly enough looks great if done the right way..and most people have no idea, which is the best part ;). Heres your day is off to a great start, and your feeling and looking your best, while making things happen this week.


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