Burgundy Dapper


Burgundy has always been one of my favorite wardrobe colors. Its become a classic color in the world of fashion among all the other greats. Like black of course, navy, and gray. Its clean, crisp and is fun, but gives off the idea of maturity. I believe all colors that we wear gives off certain impressions in different settings, or attracts certain types of people towards us. Almost as if they can feel the vibe the color your wearing is giving off. Either way I believe burgundy looks good on pretty much everyone, its seen as a more formal color, and it compliments the body, almost to hide imperfections that we may be insecure about (everyone has them)!  Since the weekend is FINALLY here, I thought I would prepare a “Saturday’s Best” look. To give off that wanted attention and fun but flirty personality. while out and about, being that it is Valentines Day weekend.

I love a colored skinny chino pant, and I love a boat shoe to match. One rule that I tend to stick by is wearing one thing classic, and something a little more trendy, when choosing what to wear. I decided to pair a black and white plaid shirt with my chino. The idea of pairing one classic wether a top or bottom with a trendy piece, keeps the look fun without over doing it. I also believe that first impressions are everything and the same goes for your wardrobe. I believe feeling and looking your best is the key to success. When you look good you feel good. And you want to dress for success not STRESS! Hopefully this weekend will bring much fun and excitement. If your stepping out to celebrate LOVE this weekend, be sure to add a little burgundy to your combination, you won’t be disappointed! 😉

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