Sunday’s Best & Merino Wool


Growing up on Sunday’s I attended church. Attending church service fully dressed, or what was referred to as your “Sundays Best,” was always interesting to see. You had men that would attend in full suiting. As well as the woman who would come in their vibrant colors with a hat to match. That saying “come as you are”, would always be seen by those who  wanted to come worship and fellowship with those around them. All the while taking the phrase “come as you are” to another level. By Being way under dressed, to the point where you had to ask “did you look in the mirror, before leaving home”? I guess for me that was never an option growing up. My granny every year on Easter would take my older brother and I shopping for a suit to wear Easter Sunday. She would take us shopping and make sure that everything from the shirt, shoes, and tie matched and fit perfectly. Once you saw us in it, you could swear that it was custom made to fit our bodies. That is where I learned the importance of what it meant, to step out and present yourself in a certain way when among others. My granny was and still is a firm believer that you don’t leave the house looking unkept, but well put together. Leaving people  with a positive impression of you so that you are taken serious.

This lesson of looking your best, has followed me my whole life and has led me to this point. It is also what inspired today’s look. One of my favorite fabrics is Merino wool. I love the soft light feel of the fabric and it feels just like cashmere. But doesn’t have the price attached to it LOL. Each year I invest in a few v-neck Merino wool sweaters, to add to my collection.My favorite Merino wool sweaters would have to be from none other than J. Crew. The quality of the yarns used in each sweater they create is exceptional and timeless. Like the above purple sweater. I also love a wool pant and I love how the shade of purple brings out the many colors in the plaid. I also wanted to keep my love for something burgundy alive, and added a G-Star fedora. This look wouldn’t have been complete without a darker tone. So I decided to add brown with the choice in shirt, which is another great neutral. Because I love accessories I matched a neutral tie, and purple pocket square, and some bracelets to stack.

What you’ll notice at first look is that everything although different colors, matches perfectly. My biggest pet peeve when dressing is focusing to much, on matching color for color… that can get messy. Color on color to match NEVER turns out well. Instead focus on colors that compliment each other. Things like warm tones, like the above purple, with burgundy and brown. All three colors are dark, but soft and appealing and flow together perfectly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match like colors. You’ll find that it looks better than what you thought. Remember it’s not what you have on, but how well you put it together that will make the difference. 😉

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