The Classic Gentleman


When I think of something that is classic, I think of something that is timeless, a part of history, that may fade away, but always comes back new and approved. Today’s look is inspired by that idea. Being a “classic gentleman”, is so much more than style. Its a lifestyle; how you live, and the goals you set for yourself. All of these things builds character just like classic styles, and has become a part of history. I love layering especially with a cardigan. The cardigan was originally worn by many college students in the twenties and early 1930s. They were also popular throughout the 50’s, 70’s and 1990’s. I love how comfortable and versatile they are, and love to wear them in casual and in more formal styles, with a shirt and tie. Khaki pants are another classic style that has resurfaced, new and approved like Dockers, which were big in the 80’s and well into the 90’s.

Today they are referred to as”chinos”, and can be found like the above pair in many different fits, other than “classic”, but in skinny or slim to name a few. I decided to add a short sleeved striped shirt with this look, to add a little color with the light blue stripes. I will admit in earlier years, I have not been a fan of short sleeved collard shirts. I felt they were a little too classic looking aka…. old.. LOL., but its all about how you wear it. It’s no secret as you’ve seen from previous posts that I love a fedora or a “porkpie” like the above hat. A porkpie was named for it’s resemblance to an actual pork pie and is similar to a fedora, but has a flat top instead. This style was associated with the jazz, blues, and ska eras. I also decided to add a non traditional sneaker, to today’s look as well. I am not a sneaker fanatic, but definitely like a more stylish, trendier sneaker for looks like this. May your classic style reflect the best YOU today and everyday…CHEERS! 😉


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