Magnify~ making (something) appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope. This idea not only inspires my style, but also is a daily tool that many of us carry in our daily lives, and we don’t even know it. I think of style as a way to express oneself, weather it’s more causal, formal, trendy or even grunge. Your style says something about you, and is like story telling without saying a word. Leaving others curious wanting to know more about the person wearing them. With this idea in mind, your style can mean one thing to you, but be “Magnified” by those around you. This is why I’ve always loved and have been inspired by different cultures. How people from different areas dress, which often is inspired by their environment. I think I’ve always liked the idea of dressing “the part”, as many people would say. In dressing the part almost like Halloween I can become anyone I want to be.

My brain when it comes to styling is like a vision board. I can picture the inside of my brain  with thumb tacks. When I see colors, or different patterns I can immediately take that specific color or pattern, stick it on a shirt or pair of pants, and build it in my brain, and style it in reality. The above outfit was styled just like that. I pictured a deep sea blue for a chino pant, white and red dots on a shirt, and a gray cardigan with a touch of blue. I like to think of this look, as something that is magnified as more formal casual. Something that you could wear to the office. But can easily be worn casual, by taking off the cardigan , rolling the bottoms of the chinos up, as well as the sleeves on the shirt, and BLOOP LOL.. your ready for happy hour by 5. I like the idea of taking a look, being able to magnify it one way, but also making it work for me and my lifestyle. A wardrobe that not only looks good, should also be functional in more than one setting. No matter if there’s ten people in the same room wearing the same thing. Each person is almost guaranteed to wear it differently, adding their own special touch. After all style is what you make it, especially with a magnified touch. 😉

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