Tie & Pin Classic


Lately I have been thinking of the “classic gentleman,” and what that truly means. The true definition of a gentleman is a man of good family, breeding, or social position. While this term can be interpreted more than one way. I like to think of a gentleman as one who is strong but meek. One that will stand up for whats right, even if it means going at it alone. One that never compromises his morals or values to fit in. One that can easily shine among the crowd, and is loyal to those closest to him. Needless to say,  he is the life of the party, and is always dressed for the occasion.

Nothing completes a sharply dressed gentleman, more than wearing a tie. Now let me add, I love a tie and have gotten away from wearing them, in later years. They are definitely a classic style that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe. I am a lover of classic designers past and present. So it was only right that the above tie be CHANEL! I have been a lover of the fashion house for many years. Nothing speaks classic more than fashion that has been around for over 100 years, and still continues to bring people to their knees, with their jaw dropping classic trends each year. Chanel not only has made a mark on woman’s fashion, but also classic men’s styles with suiting and accessories. I have always been a fan of high end luxury goods, and it never waivers when it comes to my love of accessories.

Being a classic gentleman for me, also means keeping certain staple traditions alive as well. When I was younger my granny used to wear a pin or brooch on her clothing. Sometimes on her coat, dress or blazer. I always thought of it to be simple, while adding a certain type of elegance to her look. For something so small, you could easily assume it would go unnoticed, but was always the first thing to catch your eye. This is one of the new classic trends from the past, that can still be seen today. Especially with men, I added the above pin because I think it compliments the tie quite well. I love how the pin gives you the idea of a flower, and how the detailing surrounding it is gold. Which gives it a more formal appeal, but can easily be worn more business casual as well. I also love a fresh bouquet of blooming bundles, and can always find them around my place. It’s amazing how the little things in life; like a fresh bouquet of flowers, can brighten up even the darkest of days. Luxury is no different, although not necessary they tend to make life more pleasant, and in today’s world I won’t argue with that. 😉


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