Prep Classic


Like many of us our style is ever changing what we thought looked good years ago, may not necessarily compliment us in later years. My style has been no different. In high school, I lived for an Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, with big letters on the front and boot cut denim, and a pair of Birkenstock slip ons. I can’t forget to mention my love for the Ralph Lauren Polo. I think I had just about every color known to man LOL. It has been years since those days, and with maturity comes new experiences, life lessons, and of course BETTER STYLE. With that said my style has evolved, but I still love a great pair of driving moccasins, like the above pair, a great pair of socks, a chino pant, and of course a classic cardigan. Nothing makes me more happy than a crisp tuxedo shirt, which the above is one of my favorites in Navy, and is easy to dress either casual or more formal.

The history of “preppy style” started in 1912, in the ivy league style of dress, and was more popular in the 1950s. Brands like J. Press, and Brooks Brothers had stores on ivy league campuses like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, further representing and influencing the upper middle class lifestyle. Preppy style in the 1970s was even more significant, which represented the traditional upper middle class leisure activities, such as polo,sailing, hunting, fencing, fishing, crew rowing, lacrosse, golf, tennis,rugby, and swimming. The association with the prep life style was and is still inspired in fashion with bright colors, stripes, plaid shirts, field jackets, and anything nautical; mostly accessories. By the 1980s well known brands such as Lacoste, Izod, and Dooney & Bourke surfaced with associated preppy styles that were well known and recognized in the US and Canada.

Although I don’t consider my style to be as preppy as it was in earlier years, the preppy influence is still very much incorporated in my style. Since my fashion style is mostly influenced by all things classic. It’s only natural that most of my wardrobe consists of the many things that influenced the preppy life style. Things like cardigans, bright colors and stripes, and chino pants, which are now worn in the form of joggers, and penny loafers. Which are the new day driving moccasin; are all new and improved styles from earlier years. That have been revamped to fit, look, and feel better than before. One thing that will never go out of style in fashion and in life, is taking old tricks and making them new again. But not forgetting the path and roots that led you to a brighter future. 😉

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