Springing Forward


It’s that time of year again, winter has just ended and daylight savings has taken place. Just like me your probably longing for that extra hour of sleep and spring cleaning is in order and way over due. As I look towards the sun and get a glimpse and feel of all the beautiful things in bloom. I can’t help but to hesitate when thinking of putting away my winter layers. After all here in the midwest, April showers…. don’t always bring May flowers but rather one more major snow storm LOL. As I spring forward, I am excited to step into something a little bit more lighter and colorful and of course classic.

For my first Spring look I decided to pair a Red oxford by JACHS shirt with a blue tab and cuffed short by Singer & Sargent. I must say this particular pair of shorts has a very light feel and is very comfortable. I also love a scarf and thought a neckerchief by Fine and Dandy was a perfect way to add a little something extra. As in life sometimes taking risks  (although scary) is important in order to succeed. I of course love a good bag, and since the next months will consist of traveling to different cities, having an appropriate duffle, for all my traveling essentials is a must. This Hook & Albert zip up garment/ duffel bag, is perfect. It has more than enough space and also folds out into a garment bag, to keep your shirts and pants from getting wrinkled while on the go.

As I continue to spring forward I am excited for all the new classic styles and opportunities of the new season. Getting to spend more time outdoors, piecing together new classic styles and looks. As well as doing more styling work, and building new client relationships. My recent partnership with Samson a Men’s Emporium has definitely been fun and rewarding. Giving me the opportunity to dabble in all things classic for the gentleman. I think it’s important to have specific places that are just catered to the male. Places where we can go to look and feel our best, in order to succeed and reach our goals. I believe that first impressions are everything, and great style is and will always be that unspoken word, that tell’s people about you before you speak. Heres to a brighter season, filled with new goals and blooming possibilities. 😉

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