Nifty Genius in Yellow


Happy Saturday friends! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Easter weekend, and are preparing to spend it with loved ones. Eating good food, and of course hunting for those easter eggs (hopefully filled with goodies :). Finally spring has sprung, and everything from the freshly mowed lawns, to the beautiful flowers, are now in bloom and brighter than ever. I am loving being able to walk out my door, and feel the soft breeze of the spring air greet me. It definitely makes for a brighter day, and brings excitement for new seasonal goals. So today I decided to step into something comfortable, but bright. Sometimes the word “Classic”, can get misconstrued, not all things classic have to be neutral colors. I will however, admit that being a creature of habit sometimes leads me down a “safe” path. When I stick to just Navy, Black and Gray, but even a “classic gentleman”, sometimes has to have fun and take chances.

So I paired this beautiful bright yellow rain coat, from Samson Men’s Emporium, with a short sleeve plaid shirt, and a sky blue pair of cotton-linen chino pants, all by Nifty Genius. At the very last minute; because no look is complete without a bag or accessories. I decided to add this fabulous Red back pack by Duluth pack, to complete this bright look. The thing that I love most about this look, is obviously the bright yellow color of the raincoat, but also how the red back pack compliments the yellow. This is what I love most about styling; being able to vision it in my head and bring it to life. At first I was afraid that the pair would remind everyone of Ketchup and Mustard LOL, but at first glance that’s not the idea I get.

I also like to think of this particular look as “school boy, meets classic gentleman.” Which means that in order to grow from a boy to a man, you must be mature enough to take chances, stand out and not be afraid to be different, when everyone else is the same. I think personal style can be so rewarding, and fulfilling when it’s REAL. I am going to try to continue to brighten my horizons by styling with more color this season. I definitely think that colors affect our mood, and can dictate the types of thoughts we have while wearing them. As we all know it rains a lot this time of the year, and what better way to continue on a path of positive thinking, through great style with color. I hope your up for the challenge as well. After all the brightest stars shine.. why should wearing color be any different 😉

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