A Bright Perspective


Now that a new week has begun, I thought I would take the time to gaze into the future, and no longer worry about the past. Which is exactly what inspired this classic look. I must admit, while styling this look I was in a weird place. Sometimes using our emotional baggage to be creative, can be one of the most rewarding things; I’m no different. So I began to think of colors that I felt represent change through a new perspective, kind of like a new beginning. So I decided to style a light yellow pair of chinos, with a more neutral colored vest both by Nifty Genius. When styling I always like to add something fun, in order to not make the look boring. So I added the reddish orange check shirt by JACHS. All three pieces compliment each other very well. I was a little worried because I didn’t want this particular look to hurt your eyes, but find it to be very refreshing at first gaze.

While deciding what bag to pair with this particular look, I wanted something classic, but something that would also compliment the bright colors. I absolutely fell in love with this Duluth pack duffel in khaki with brown leather trim. It is the perfect bag to carry for traveling, and is sure to compliment any look; casual or business casual. When styling I am most happy, when I am able to step out of the box and allow myself to take chances. The funny thing is, I’m always happy when I do and always think to myself “why didn’t you do that sooner”? LOL…Just like anything else in life great style is all about evolving, and becoming a better version of what you were yesterday. As I continue to allow myself to embrace change, I am more than happy to do it the “classic gentleman” way…..IN STYLE!  While adding a little touch of sunshine in color,  to carry me on this bright road ahead.

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