Something Casual


Finally the week is coming to a close and I can begin to focus on weekend plans, and of course casual but classic styles, to brunch and run errands in. As I have said before I am a creature of habit, and my style is no different. But I am also the type of guy that likes and wants variety in everything, especially when it comes to my style and the specific looks I choose. I am a lover of comfortable sweatshirts and sweaters, that come in different styles. Hoodies,cardigans, and half zips are a dime a dozen in my closet. They are easy to layer with, and pop over your favorite v-neck or crew neck solid t-shirt, and even look great with a more formal buttoned shirt. I own many cardigans with pockets, and some without. I have sweatshirts with hoods, and some that have a zipper attached to the sleeve. Great style is all about variety and having choices to fit ones mood, which for me varies from day to day.

Great style should always speak for the individual, and never be compromised. So I decided to step into something a little more casual, than what you normally would see me in. While playing in Samson Men’s Emporium, I wanted a casual look but something not as formal as I said earlier. So I found this amazing short sleeve sweatshirt, with a pocket by JACHS. I love how it fits the body, and that its NAVY..surprise…surprise..LOL. I chose a light wash denim by Jean Shop, because I’ve always thought of light wash denim to be more casual, and dark wash to be more formal and or business casual. Since I love brown leather I had to add one by Tanner Goods. I am all about accessories, so I didn’t think my casual look was complete without adding a few to compliment it. So I paired a neutral colored hat by Grizzly Springs, and a pair of RAEN sunglasses.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and take some time to relax, and enjoy doing some things that you like doing. If you have time please comment below, and let me know your thoughts on my posts. I always love to hear from and get to know new faces. Remember….”Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality-SA,”, so wear it well! 😉

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