A Doubt Rearranged


I don’t know about you, but I love a good coffee table read. I love finding good coffee table reads, in the most unexpected places. Like a local home goods, or a half priced book store. Just as anything good in life, the best things are found in the most unexpected places, and are always special. When piecing everything together, I of course wanted something classic, but also something that was fresh, and cool with trendy elements.  Since I consider my style to be classic trendy, I really wanted the look to reflect that concept. I decided on a light pink salmon chino pant by Nifty Genius, and a classic fitting polo by Jeremiah. I will say that I am normally not a fan of classic fitting anything, because it tends to be non form fitting, which is how I like my attire to fit.

At first I was struggling with wether or not the boxy fit of the polo, complimented my body. So I decided to tuck it in to give it more shape, and decided to layer it with this amazing cotton bomber jacket by Singer + Sargent. Adding the jacket definitely adds that piece of trend I was going for, and compliments the color of the chinos well. With Spring now upon us, I chose a classic boat shoe in brown by Rancourt & Co. During the warmer seasons, I love a classic style boat shoe or leather driving moccasin, and penny loafer. Not only are they comfortable, and durable but can be worn formal or casual.

Just as I normally do, I played around the Samson Men’s Emporium Shop for great new finds to piece together. I must admit, this particular week was a little different. As I stated earlier when it came to the polo, I was having DOUBT. For anyone that has ever gone through doubts, you’ll know that the true definition of doubt is ” a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.”  I was uncertain if the fit of the polo would compliment me well, and or ruin the entire look. But just as we have to sometimes in life, I was determined to make it work and rearrange a few things, in order to make my vision reality. The lesson being; we all have doubts and they are nothing more than FEAR… “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and in those moments we shouldn’t give up on our dreams and abilities. But simply stop take a breath and rearrange those negative thoughts, and believe in our unique purpose. 🙂


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