Ivy & Green


Happy Monday! Yes… it’s that time again, when the weekend has come to an end , and we have yet another work week ahead. What always makes me feel relieved is knowing, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after the week has ended. When you can leave all of the weeks stress behind and finally relax, with a calming sense of peace. Until than I have decided to start the week off right. With something classic with my favorite color in mind. The color green has always been my favorite, for as long as I can remember. I think it compliments my skin tone well, and I love all the many shades of the color. Everything from mint green to forest green. In previous years I have not been a fan of short sleeve collard shirts, but must admit they have grown on me. Especially this plaid shirt with hints of green and red by United By Blue. I love how light the cotton is, which is important to me during the warmer seasons when trying to stay cool, but wanting to look my best at the same time.

The best way for me to stay cool in the humidity is to wear linen. I absolutely love all things linen. Not only is it a classic fabric, but it is comfortable and is guaranteed to keep  you cool in the scorching heat. So when choosing a short to pair with my shirt, I discovered these linen olive green shorts by Nifty Genius. I loved how comfortable and light they felt on. I also thought that they complimented the shirt well. Bringing out more of the many shades of green and red within the plaid. I also believe a great pair of sunglasses are important as well. Picking the right pair of shades to compliment the structure of your face is very important. Especially if your going the more expensive designer route. Just like any luxury good a pair of designer sunglasses is an investment, and if chosen properly can be worn for a lifetime.

I am used to wearing an aviator style of sunglasses. I really thought these rounded gold shades by RAEN, were an absolute hit with my look as a whole. I was a little afraid that the shape wouldn’t compliment my face, because the bone structure of my face is more round, but they fit perfectly. To finish off this classic spring look, I decided to add a cross body bag in a dark forest green by Duluth Pack. I love the detailing on this bag, with the dark brown leather trim, and the hardware on the front buckles. This will definitely be a classic favorite of mine. I do want to mention how fun it was shooting this look in front of the green ivy. If you didn’t know.. Ivy grows on trees and natural man made structures. Climbing at least 30 m above the ground, with the vibrant shade of green, which attracts wild life and can be used in planting spaces. As well on tall or wide concrete walls for decorative purposes. Just like ivy, I have learned the power of speaking positive vibes into my life and watch it grow and come to fruition. When we speak things into existence it reflects in our attitude, which reflects in our style. Before we know it everything around us changes, spreading wide and giving us hope that anything is possible if we believe. 😉

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