Summer Living


Summer has finally arrived, and the living seems just a bit easier, with temperatures at an all time high. I couldn’t help but to be inspired by the thought of being on a beach surrounded by sand, clear skies, and the ocean. My apologies for being away for so long, this season has definitely kept me busier then normal. Just like any classic gentleman, I am always thinking about my next adventure, and since I have the beach on my mind It inspired my idea for the perfect attire for a day in the sun.

When browsing through Samson Men’s Emporium, I found a Navy beach pullover by JACHS. I think a beach pull over is something that most men are afraid to wear, because they may not know how to style it. The pull over can be worn and styled for more than just the beach. I also love to style mine with a colored chino pant or a pair of dark denim. In order to make it more formal in non casual settings. Swim wear this season has been so much fun to style. Especially with all the fun prints in swim trunk styles. I am loving these particular swim trunks by Polonio. The color and print are fun, and they even have the built in underwear, and draw string attached to keep everything in tact. Leaving you feeling and looking your best while laying out by the pool. As you all know I am all about accessories. So I had to add this unique turkish towel by Woven Promises. I like that it is light cotton, and long enough for your whole body to lay out on, by the pool or on the beach.

In this particular moment and season in my life, I am taking the time to enjoy the small things, and not let the stress of the days (sometimes long) get to me. After work I enjoy the company of friends over a cocktail. Or shuffling through the park with my pooch, and enjoying the scent of the flowers in bloom. Or even smiling at the children in the park, playing and laughing with not a care in the world. Almost to envy such innocence that has not yet, been disturbed by the chaotic ways of the world. Even still, I am thankful for this time, place, and being present. Life really is a BEACH and the living is easy, when you do it in style and with class. 😉

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