Styled Risks


Happy Friday! I am so glad to finally have made it through yet another week. This week felt extra long with all the humidity in the air. So I decided to step into something familiar, but different to make the week more exciting. I am always happy to try new things, and take risks when it comes to my style. This is what I love about the clothing variety in Samson. You can always find something familiar, but still have new things to try, that you wouldn’t necessarily have imagined. I do love a great short in the summer season, and was surprised to find these cord shorts by JACHS in multiple colors. I do love my neutrals so it was only appropriate that I chose the camel color. One styling tip that I always go by is “classic bottom, trendy top”. I have mentioned this in previous posts, If you choose to go neutral on the bottom, you should choose something fun or trendy to wear on the top.

This rule keeps styling fun while keeping things classic. For my shirt I decided to go with a neutral gray with neutral colored stripes by Jeremiah. I absolutely love the way this particular style fits me, and compliments the cord camel shorts. Which by the way are super comfortable. I was a little afraid that they would be to heavy, because they are a cord, but they are very light weight and not stiff, which gave me lots of room to move. To complete my look I accessorized, with none other than a belt by Tanner Goods, which has become a favorite staple piece in my wardrobe.

I like to think that our individual style, just like unspoken words tells a story about everyone. It can also lead to thoughts of curiosity about the individual wearing them. Each week brings new challenges for me. Often leading me to doubt, and worry about my future. Sometimes our biggest set back in life can be the unknown, and I am no different from having said worry. The one thing that keeps me going through it all, is knowing that no matter which way the wind blows, I know my purpose and am striving each day to overcome anything that will hold me back from fulfilling my dreams. Style as it is in life is all about risks; If we don’t take them we can’t grow. I’m up for the challenge any day… as long as I can do it in style. 😉



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