My New Year


Happy Friday! Now that the week is finally coming to an end, I am looking forward to the weekend. Yesterday I celebrated my 29th Birthday and as the day went on, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the past year. We all know that we have the “New Year”, but I think of my birthday as my personal  “New Year”. If you are in your twenties or remember anything about being in your twenties, you will know and understand that it is a very difficult time. This past year for me has been very rewarding but not without trying times.

As we get older we begin to discover new things about ourselves. Things that shape us as individuals, that make us grow and become more mature. With growth brings new opportunities, new relationships, and new goals. But it also means that your going to lose some people along the way. In my early twenties I used to be so afraid of losing friendships and relationships. I would be afraid to tell my partner when in a relationship what I needed, because I didn’t value myself enough to know that my opinions mattered. I think everyone has had self doubt a few times in their life, and I am no different. I think this past year I have become more determined to follow my dreams, and to see them through.

I also have seen many individuals that I thought were true friends, and good people show their true colors.  When I think of a friend wether its a best friend, or in a relationship. I think of someone who is trustworthy, dependable, and communicates. I absolutely cringe when I hear people say “with age comes wisdom”, as if being older all of a sudden gives individuals better communication skills. It has to be learned it doesn’t just happen. I also know that in order to have good people in your life you have to maintain those relationships in order for them to work. You can’t say you want something good, and when it comes you don’t put the work in.

Nothing in life is free everything has to be earned. As I enter my last year in my twenties, I want nothing more than to continue to be the best person I can be. I no longer have room to surround myself with anything or anyone, that I feel is holding me back and doesn’t add to me being great. We all have choices in life, and in this moment I’m choosing happiness over sadness. Love over hate and growth over being comfortable. I no longer am afraid to let those in my life know what I need. At the end of the day I am in charge of my own happiness, but I also am in charge of setting boundaries and knowing what I will and won’t accept. Growth is a beautiful thing, and comes with many gifts. I embrace it with open arms and am ready for this new year. 😉

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