Ivy & Green


Happy Monday! Yes… it’s that time again, when the weekend has come to an end , and we have yet another work week ahead. What always makes me feel relieved is knowing, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after the week has ended. When you can leave all of the weeks stress behind and finally relax, with a calming sense of peace. Until than I have decided to start the week off right. With something classic with my favorite color in mind. The color green has always been my favorite, for as long as I can remember. I think it compliments my skin tone well, and I love all the many shades of the color. Everything from mint green to forest green. In previous years I have not been a fan of short sleeve collard shirts, but must admit they have grown on me. Especially this plaid shirt with hints of green and red by United By Blue. I love how light the cotton is, which is important to me during the warmer seasons when trying to stay cool, but wanting to look my best at the same time.

The best way for me to stay cool in the humidity is to wear linen. I absolutely love all things linen. Not only is it a classic fabric, but it is comfortable and is guaranteed to keep  you cool in the scorching heat. So when choosing a short to pair with my shirt, I discovered these linen olive green shorts by Nifty Genius. I loved how comfortable and light they felt on. I also thought that they complimented the shirt well. Bringing out more of the many shades of green and red within the plaid. I also believe a great pair of sunglasses are important as well. Picking the right pair of shades to compliment the structure of your face is very important. Especially if your going the more expensive designer route. Just like any luxury good a pair of designer sunglasses is an investment, and if chosen properly can be worn for a lifetime.

I am used to wearing an aviator style of sunglasses. I really thought these rounded gold shades by RAEN, were an absolute hit with my look as a whole. I was a little afraid that the shape wouldn’t compliment my face, because the bone structure of my face is more round, but they fit perfectly. To finish off this classic spring look, I decided to add a cross body bag in a dark forest green by Duluth Pack. I love the detailing on this bag, with the dark brown leather trim, and the hardware on the front buckles. This will definitely be a classic favorite of mine. I do want to mention how fun it was shooting this look in front of the green ivy. If you didn’t know.. Ivy grows on trees and natural man made structures. Climbing at least 30 m above the ground, with the vibrant shade of green, which attracts wild life and can be used in planting spaces. As well on tall or wide concrete walls for decorative purposes. Just like ivy, I have learned the power of speaking positive vibes into my life and watch it grow and come to fruition. When we speak things into existence it reflects in our attitude, which reflects in our style. Before we know it everything around us changes, spreading wide and giving us hope that anything is possible if we believe. 😉

A Doubt Rearranged


I don’t know about you, but I love a good coffee table read. I love finding good coffee table reads, in the most unexpected places. Like a local home goods, or a half priced book store. Just as anything good in life, the best things are found in the most unexpected places, and are always special. When piecing everything together, I of course wanted something classic, but also something that was fresh, and cool with trendy elements.  Since I consider my style to be classic trendy, I really wanted the look to reflect that concept. I decided on a light pink salmon chino pant by Nifty Genius, and a classic fitting polo by Jeremiah. I will say that I am normally not a fan of classic fitting anything, because it tends to be non form fitting, which is how I like my attire to fit.

At first I was struggling with wether or not the boxy fit of the polo, complimented my body. So I decided to tuck it in to give it more shape, and decided to layer it with this amazing cotton bomber jacket by Singer + Sargent. Adding the jacket definitely adds that piece of trend I was going for, and compliments the color of the chinos well. With Spring now upon us, I chose a classic boat shoe in brown by Rancourt & Co. During the warmer seasons, I love a classic style boat shoe or leather driving moccasin, and penny loafer. Not only are they comfortable, and durable but can be worn formal or casual.

Just as I normally do, I played around the Samson Men’s Emporium Shop for great new finds to piece together. I must admit, this particular week was a little different. As I stated earlier when it came to the polo, I was having DOUBT. For anyone that has ever gone through doubts, you’ll know that the true definition of doubt is ” a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.”  I was uncertain if the fit of the polo would compliment me well, and or ruin the entire look. But just as we have to sometimes in life, I was determined to make it work and rearrange a few things, in order to make my vision reality. The lesson being; we all have doubts and they are nothing more than FEAR… “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and in those moments we shouldn’t give up on our dreams and abilities. But simply stop take a breath and rearrange those negative thoughts, and believe in our unique purpose. 🙂


Something Casual


Finally the week is coming to a close and I can begin to focus on weekend plans, and of course casual but classic styles, to brunch and run errands in. As I have said before I am a creature of habit, and my style is no different. But I am also the type of guy that likes and wants variety in everything, especially when it comes to my style and the specific looks I choose. I am a lover of comfortable sweatshirts and sweaters, that come in different styles. Hoodies,cardigans, and half zips are a dime a dozen in my closet. They are easy to layer with, and pop over your favorite v-neck or crew neck solid t-shirt, and even look great with a more formal buttoned shirt. I own many cardigans with pockets, and some without. I have sweatshirts with hoods, and some that have a zipper attached to the sleeve. Great style is all about variety and having choices to fit ones mood, which for me varies from day to day.

Great style should always speak for the individual, and never be compromised. So I decided to step into something a little more casual, than what you normally would see me in. While playing in Samson Men’s Emporium, I wanted a casual look but something not as formal as I said earlier. So I found this amazing short sleeve sweatshirt, with a pocket by JACHS. I love how it fits the body, and that its NAVY..surprise…surprise..LOL. I chose a light wash denim by Jean Shop, because I’ve always thought of light wash denim to be more casual, and dark wash to be more formal and or business casual. Since I love brown leather I had to add one by Tanner Goods. I am all about accessories, so I didn’t think my casual look was complete without adding a few to compliment it. So I paired a neutral colored hat by Grizzly Springs, and a pair of RAEN sunglasses.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and take some time to relax, and enjoy doing some things that you like doing. If you have time please comment below, and let me know your thoughts on my posts. I always love to hear from and get to know new faces. Remember….”Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality-SA,”, so wear it well! 😉

A Bright Perspective


Now that a new week has begun, I thought I would take the time to gaze into the future, and no longer worry about the past. Which is exactly what inspired this classic look. I must admit, while styling this look I was in a weird place. Sometimes using our emotional baggage to be creative, can be one of the most rewarding things; I’m no different. So I began to think of colors that I felt represent change through a new perspective, kind of like a new beginning. So I decided to style a light yellow pair of chinos, with a more neutral colored vest both by Nifty Genius. When styling I always like to add something fun, in order to not make the look boring. So I added the reddish orange check shirt by JACHS. All three pieces compliment each other very well. I was a little worried because I didn’t want this particular look to hurt your eyes, but find it to be very refreshing at first gaze.

While deciding what bag to pair with this particular look, I wanted something classic, but something that would also compliment the bright colors. I absolutely fell in love with this Duluth pack duffel in khaki with brown leather trim. It is the perfect bag to carry for traveling, and is sure to compliment any look; casual or business casual. When styling I am most happy, when I am able to step out of the box and allow myself to take chances. The funny thing is, I’m always happy when I do and always think to myself “why didn’t you do that sooner”? LOL…Just like anything else in life great style is all about evolving, and becoming a better version of what you were yesterday. As I continue to allow myself to embrace change, I am more than happy to do it the “classic gentleman” way…..IN STYLE!  While adding a little touch of sunshine in color,  to carry me on this bright road ahead.

Nifty Genius in Yellow


Happy Saturday friends! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Easter weekend, and are preparing to spend it with loved ones. Eating good food, and of course hunting for those easter eggs (hopefully filled with goodies :). Finally spring has sprung, and everything from the freshly mowed lawns, to the beautiful flowers, are now in bloom and brighter than ever. I am loving being able to walk out my door, and feel the soft breeze of the spring air greet me. It definitely makes for a brighter day, and brings excitement for new seasonal goals. So today I decided to step into something comfortable, but bright. Sometimes the word “Classic”, can get misconstrued, not all things classic have to be neutral colors. I will however, admit that being a creature of habit sometimes leads me down a “safe” path. When I stick to just Navy, Black and Gray, but even a “classic gentleman”, sometimes has to have fun and take chances.

So I paired this beautiful bright yellow rain coat, from Samson Men’s Emporium, with a short sleeve plaid shirt, and a sky blue pair of cotton-linen chino pants, all by Nifty Genius. At the very last minute; because no look is complete without a bag or accessories. I decided to add this fabulous Red back pack by Duluth pack, to complete this bright look. The thing that I love most about this look, is obviously the bright yellow color of the raincoat, but also how the red back pack compliments the yellow. This is what I love most about styling; being able to vision it in my head and bring it to life. At first I was afraid that the pair would remind everyone of Ketchup and Mustard LOL, but at first glance that’s not the idea I get.

I also like to think of this particular look as “school boy, meets classic gentleman.” Which means that in order to grow from a boy to a man, you must be mature enough to take chances, stand out and not be afraid to be different, when everyone else is the same. I think personal style can be so rewarding, and fulfilling when it’s REAL. I am going to try to continue to brighten my horizons by styling with more color this season. I definitely think that colors affect our mood, and can dictate the types of thoughts we have while wearing them. As we all know it rains a lot this time of the year, and what better way to continue on a path of positive thinking, through great style with color. I hope your up for the challenge as well. After all the brightest stars shine.. why should wearing color be any different 😉

All In A Day’s Work


I hope your week is off to an awesome start. However, mine is off to a slow start after getting back from a mini vacation. It seems like I am needing that extra push to get things going. Especially when it’s mid week, and my thoughts are already on the weekend. Today I have pulled together another great look from Samson Men’s Emporium. I believe great style can definitely lift the spirits, and what better way than to step into something classic. I chose these stretch Herringbone chinos by Nifty Genius, because of how comfortable and light they are. One rule of style I have is “neutral bottom, color top”. So I added this awesome patterned shirt by Herringbone.

I am a lover of accessories, and definitely think they can make or break a look. I decided to stick with a neutral leather belt, by Tanner Goods, and added a neutral classic canvas tote by Duluth Pack. When it comes to eye wear, I love a fabulous pair of designer sunglasses. These particular sunglasses by RAEN, come in a variety of different colors, and frame shapes to compliment the face. When pulling together this look, I wanted something that could transition from the workplace, to a cocktail hour following the work day. I believe that great style is transitional, you should be able to make it work for you, and your lifestyle.

I will admit there are many days when I don’t feel my best emotionally, and feel like giving up. What always makes it better is seeing my hard work pay off, and that feeling of knowing I didn’t give up. My mind is constantly on with millions of creative ideas flowing through it. Sometimes with creativity comes misunderstanding just as anything in life, but what has brought me most comfort is being able to see my dream come to fruition, and learning what it truly means to work long hours, but still have the drive to work at my passion daily. No matter how hard the day might be, or how tired I may feel, I’m learning that productivity is key! After all it really is “ALL IN A DAY’S WORK”. 😉

Springing Forward


It’s that time of year again, winter has just ended and daylight savings has taken place. Just like me your probably longing for that extra hour of sleep and spring cleaning is in order and way over due. As I look towards the sun and get a glimpse and feel of all the beautiful things in bloom. I can’t help but to hesitate when thinking of putting away my winter layers. After all here in the midwest, April showers…. don’t always bring May flowers but rather one more major snow storm LOL. As I spring forward, I am excited to step into something a little bit more lighter and colorful and of course classic.

For my first Spring look I decided to pair a Red oxford by JACHS shirt with a blue tab and cuffed short by Singer & Sargent. I must say this particular pair of shorts has a very light feel and is very comfortable. I also love a scarf and thought a neckerchief by Fine and Dandy was a perfect way to add a little something extra. As in life sometimes taking risks  (although scary) is important in order to succeed. I of course love a good bag, and since the next months will consist of traveling to different cities, having an appropriate duffle, for all my traveling essentials is a must. This Hook & Albert zip up garment/ duffel bag, is perfect. It has more than enough space and also folds out into a garment bag, to keep your shirts and pants from getting wrinkled while on the go.

As I continue to spring forward I am excited for all the new classic styles and opportunities of the new season. Getting to spend more time outdoors, piecing together new classic styles and looks. As well as doing more styling work, and building new client relationships. My recent partnership with Samson a Men’s Emporium has definitely been fun and rewarding. Giving me the opportunity to dabble in all things classic for the gentleman. I think it’s important to have specific places that are just catered to the male. Places where we can go to look and feel our best, in order to succeed and reach our goals. I believe that first impressions are everything, and great style is and will always be that unspoken word, that tell’s people about you before you speak. Heres to a brighter season, filled with new goals and blooming possibilities. 😉